Afterwards, I slipped into my studio unseen, wearing pajamas and holding a long yearned for cuppa in my hand. Yes, at last, the kids were asleep and it was finally... me time.

Ignoring the bills to pay and unread emails aplenty, I scrolled straight to Illustration Friday's email. The topic read... 'Afterwards'.

Instantly forgetting all those things I was meant to do, I decided, yes, I'll do that. Seeing that I have not participated in one of Illustration Friday's challenges for over a year.

However, I was stumped. I couldn't think of a single thing to draw. You see, by the time the kids are off to bed, there's never enough functional brain left for creativity, hence, missing over a year of Illustration Friday submissions.

So, about an hour was spent with my head on my desk and my mind adrift into a land of nothingness. Then an idea suddenly occurred to me...

      ...Afterwards, a women rested her tired head and aching body. It was another monotonous and marvelous day of motherhood.