Illustration Friday

Pen and ink drawing - coloured digitally.

* * *

Look what I found while I was hiding out under the bed this morning! It's a pen and ink drawing I did way back in my art college days.

A lucky discovery for me as it happens to fit this week's Illustration Friday topic 'warning' and I don't have time today to draw anything new. With two sick kids at home, who turned out to be NOT so sick, my productivity has been stalled.

Originally, I drew these happy koalas in hope The Australian would publish it as part of a young cartoonist competition. But sadly it didn't win and was shoved in a box and forgotten. I revived my happy koalas this morning with some digital colouring while Scooby Doo entertained my NOT so sick kids.

Anyway, time to take cover under the bed again. I hear someone crying out MUMMY and I don't want to be caught sneaking another chocolate Freddo frog.