First Chapter Book & The Wombatnapping of Wolly

Character roughs of the protagonist.

First Chapter Book

Recently, I started character roughs for an adorable and humorous chapter book coming out in 2018. This will be the very first chapter book illustrated by me and it is my very first project with Wombat Books. More will be revealed next year, closer to the release date.


The Wombatnapping of Wolly

Shortly after signing the illustration contract with the lovely Wombat Books, Wolly showed up on my doorstep. Thank you Wombat Books!

I was really touched by this warm and cuddly welcome into the Wombat Family.

Wolly feels right at home.

Unfortunately, our dog was a little jealous of all the cuddles Wolly was receiving from our daughter, who was sick with the flu at the time. While my daughter left Wolly on the couch because she just had to show me the longest snot string ever, (which was dangling precariously from her nostril to the end of her outstretched arm, holding the tissue), our dog nuzzled the door open and Wombatnapped Wolly!

No Wombats were injured in this photo.

Meanwhile, my husband was nearly knocked down the stairs by a tan and grey tornado as it whooshed past. Luckily, he managed to rescue poor Wolly before any damage occurred.

Wolly teaching our dog a few manners.
'Sit! I am your master.'

As it turns out, Wolly's quite the bossy little wombat. 

He's made it very clear that he likes to oversee my work and he tricks me into doing things that I'd rather not do. Like clean up my desk.

'How do you know what colour your desk is under all those papers, folders, books, hats, skipping ropes, chocolate wrappers and sticky notes?' Wolly asked.

'I don't,' I replied. And then I started to wonder what colour my desk was. I had to clean it up.

And that stare he gives me while I'm procrastinating on Facebook or Instagram too long.

It's intense isn't it?

Oh my! What skinny legs you have Wolly.

I'm beginning to think Wolly's not a real wombat.