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Friday, March 25, 2011


"Please Sis, I'm b-begging you . . . not the compost heap AGAIN! I never, ever stuck any creepy crawly in your shoe . . . I promise!"

* * *

Illustration Friday's word prompt: Cultivate.

Monday, March 21, 2011


This little guy is legging it to safety . . .

This little man is about to pay the price for upsetting Sis . . .

This little lady shows no remorse for what she's about to do . . . 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Princess and the Pea is my illustration for this week's Illustration Friday topic 'stir'.

* * *

The queen knew only a true princess would be so sensitive to stir all night.

The next day, the handsome prince asked the princess to marry him. Unfortunately for him, she had her super cranky pants on from having no sleep the night before. So she shoved the pea up his nose and fled the castle, never to be seen again.

Sadly, the prince never found true love and had to live with his mother until she finally kicked the bucket at a ripe old age of 114. And the pea? It was never, ever put into a museum silly! Nobody wants to look at a shriveled pea slimed in lonely prince booger! Rumor has it, that the pea was slipped into Thursday night's pea and ham soup. Let's hope it wasn't yours.

That's how the story goes in our house.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Illustration Friday

Pen and ink drawing - coloured digitally.

* * *

Look what I found while I was hiding out under the bed this morning! It's a pen and ink drawing I did way back in my art college days.

A lucky discovery for me as it happens to fit this week's Illustration Friday topic 'warning' and I don't have time today to draw anything new. With two sick kids at home, who turned out to be NOT so sick, my productivity has been stalled.

Originally, I drew these happy koalas in hope The Australian would publish it as part of a young cartoonist competition. But sadly it didn't win and was shoved in a box and forgotten. I revived my happy koalas this morning with some digital colouring while Scooby Doo entertained my NOT so sick kids.

Anyway, time to take cover under the bed again. I hear someone crying out MUMMY and I don't want to be caught sneaking another chocolate Freddo frog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Illustration Friday

Breewyna the Butterfly Fairy guides her fluttery friends to the land of humans. One of my oldies for this week's Illustration Friday topic swarm.

I haven't had the chance to even pick up a pencil in the last couple of weeks. So I thought I would bring back one of my old illustrations from the whimsical days of Twinkle Star Art.