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Monday, February 5, 2018

Doe and Fawn in the Lupines

Final illustration

Last year, I had the best AirBnB experience staying in a charming cottage 'The Tides' at Glen Haven. The cottage overlooks Big Indian Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I wrote about it in more detail in my Travelling Illustrator post.

Late one afternoon, a wild doe and her fawn stopped for a rest in the front garden of the cottage. It was magical to me, as I'm from Australia, so I'm only used to seeing wallabies and kookaburras. I raced around madly looking for my camera, which of course, I didn't take overseas with me, so I hastily grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures.

They trotted off in a hurry, so this is all I managed to snap for my illustration reference. As you can see in the illustration above,  I had to improvise a little with my drawing of the fidgety fawn. I also tilted the doe's head a little for a cute nuzzle with her fawn. This did not happen at all! The mother was trying to have a rest while the fawn was bouncing all over her, and within minutes, the mother had enough and trotted off. I completely sympathised with her, having three kids of my own.

Gees... let the poor mum deer have her rest!

Illustration Reference

I left behind a sketch study of the deer for the owner of the cottage and I promised the host that I would illustrate a better one (pictured top) and send an art print in the post. After six months of working on this between children's book projects, the illustration's finally completed, printed and packaged in a postal tube, ready to post to Canada this afternoon.

My illustration 'Doe and Fawn in the Lupines' is also available as fine art prints, greeting cards and various other products pictured below, at my RedBubble Shop.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Tingles

It's December! Now's a perfectly acceptable time to sprinkle some more of That Christmas Feeling around the webisphere. 

My daughter's found her reindeer antlers and we're about to pull out the Christmas Tree.

Illustration Video

As promised, here's a time-lapse video of my illustration process from That Christmas Feeling picture book, written by Lili Wilkinson.

For those who are interested in the more technical aspects of my illustration process, I have a longer version of this video including descriptive captions, explaining my technique here.

Christmas Holiday Art Activities

For those who live in Brisbane and are looking for a Christmas activity to do with your kids, I'll be at Riverbend Books (193 Oxford Street, Bulimba) this Saturday, 9th of December at 10.30am. You'll just need to book your FREE tickets here: https://riverbendbooks.com.au/events/kids-event-that-christmas-feeling

I've recently added some activities themed around That Christmas Feeling picture book to my Kids Activities page. Be sure to print out some of these to keep your kids busy over the holidays. Well, busy enough for you to enjoy a quiet cuppa at least.


• Colouring page • Santa List Colouring Page
• How to Draw a Christmas Tree • How to Draw a Christmas Puppy


That Christmas Feeling Book Reviews

Today's @dailytelegraph Funday #LoveOzKidLit review: 
"The realistic watercolour illustrations cleverly create an “every family, every Christmas” setting and the story encourages young children to think about what makes Christmas special. “That Christmas Feeling” celebrates the importance of family. Even without the traditional food, tree, carols and home, when Dottie is surrounded by her family, “It feels exactly like Christmas.” 

That Christmas Feeling
Written by Lili Wilkinson
Illustrated by Amanda Francey

A gorgeous, heart-warming story about misplacing the Christmas spirit, and finding it again.

Hardback $19.99 (available from 1st October 2017)



Saturday, September 30, 2017