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Friday, April 29, 2011


The most important lesson in calf throwing is... never take your eyes off the calf.

The second important lesson is... don't be deceived by the dried outer crust of cow pie. 

Illustration Friday's word prompt: Lesson.


  1. Wow, this turned out great looks beautiful! Perfect potfolio piece!

  2. Perfect expression on the girl and the calf! Really nice execution.

  3. Oooo! This really came out great! I'm glad you went with this version... it was my favorite... and now that it's done.... it's my favorite of the submissions for this week. Nice work Amalou!

  4. I like how you finished this! And it's been fun to follow as you've worked on it.

  5. I truly feel for this girl. I, myself, grew up on a farm and had my share cow-pie incidences. Its a great picture.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad for the visit.

  6. Fantastic expressions and body language on both! Great work!

  7. Glad to see that you put the finishing touches to this! A great lesson in calf throwing! :o)