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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Illustration Friday: Fluid

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There's plenty of fluid falling from the sky this week. The children are loving it! While Queenslanders brace themselves for more floods.

Illustration Friday challenge: this week's word prompt 'fluid'.


  1. What a gorgeous illustration Amanda. I think we have sent all the bad weather up north for a change - Sydney is finally drenched with sunshine. Mind you, if I had umbrellas like these, what fun it would be to prance in the puddles.

  2. This is great! I love the dog in the raincoat, then each girl with her fancy boots and umbrella. So cute.

  3. This is very cute! Love the umbrellas!!

  4. Adorable. I really like your style.

  5. Loving the rainboots and umbrellas. I'm happy I found your site. Feel like as a child if I saw these drawings in a book, I'd concentrate so much on the pictures.