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Friday, April 6, 2012

The vocal rabbit


I know, a bit of a stretch to fit this week's Illustration Friday word prompt, vocal. Alice in Wonderland does have a vocal rabbit though. Much more vocal than your average rabbit.


  1. Another beautiful little girl, wow. And with a bunny. Does it get cuter? Doubtful. Love it!

  2. very alice! beautiful. the blue makes her look like dorothy of the OZ too.

  3. Your Alice is as delightful as your Dorothy! Love her posture & her flowing tresses! Really, really sweet!

  4. Lovely work! I love Alice's pretty dress :)

  5. So sweet and adorable.
    I don't care much for aprons either but a dog in sunglasses cracks me up.
    Super cute illustration!

  6. Do women still wear aprons? I remember seeing old ads with housewives doing housework in beautiful dresses and makeup, and wearing aprons, but that made sense. Now they seem kinda silly. Maybe it's just me. I know I wouldn't want to wear one.

    That's all I got. This nice illustration is too adorable for me to find something else to comment on. ha.