Children's Chapter Book 'Trouble for Toby' Launch Party

Janet Reid's Launch Party celebrating the release of Trouble for Toby was a great success! Thanks to the friendly staff at The Artist Cafe and Gallery for all of your support on the day.

Thanks to Joanne Sandhu and Kirsten Button for 
bringing your cameras and capturing the day.

From the author...

“Launches are amazing events. Each one is different, but they all have one thing in common – families supporting family, friends supporting friends, and writers supporting writers. The Trouble for Toby launch was not different with a great mix of all these.

I was glad I chose the cafĂ© option – having the venue prepared and event catered meant it was one less thing for me to worry about and allowed me to enjoy the afternoon.

A long-time writing friend, Duncan Richardson, launched the book and spoke about the importance of books like Trouble for Toby, and characters who use their imagination. Then my friend, Margie Riley, to help me with the reading. That worked well and made me less nervous.

It was difficult to chat with friends for more than a minute or two - I guess that's the nature of launches - but the atmosphere was buzzing from the moment the first guests arrived. It was a great way to launch Toby  in to the world of children's books.”

Janet Reid

Unfortunately,  I wasn't well enough to attend the launch and help with the children's activities as planned. However, I would like to thank my good friend, writer/illustrator Justine Lawson for saving the day.

Here's what Justine had to say...

“I had fabulous fun at the Trouble for Toby book launch, helping with the kids making pirate faces and doing word puzzles and colouring. I loved seeing the variety of pirate faces they made from the same basic elements, and the particular relish with which the kids drew the pirates' rotten or missing teeth.

The girls and boys were excited about being at the launch of a new book, talking about their friends called "Toby" and wondering if the illustrator was inspired by their own school uniforms for the book characters.”

Justine Lawson

Well, we can't leave children wondering...

"I was inspired by the Australian state school uniforms in general, which haven't changed a great deal since I was at school. I attended two different primary schools, and the second, I wore blue checkers, much like the uniforms Jenna and Ivy are wearing on the front cover illustration. So I guess, subconsciously, I was inspired by my own school uniform."

If you missed out on the launch and the children's activities, my illustrated colouring / word search activity is available to download by clicking the image below. And there are more activities on my Fun Stuff page to keep the children amused over the school holidays. Hopefully, it will give the adult folk enough time to sneak in a quiet cuppa. And maybe some cake.

Trouble For Toby activity page
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Trouble For Toby
Written by Janet Reid
Illustrated by Amanda Francey
Wombat Books 2018

Toby has one mission at school: To stay out of trouble!
Only then will his parents let him have a pet.
But that's just it, Toby has trouble staying out of trouble.

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